Why do companies have custom publications, and what benefit can your company get by having an in-house magazine?

Every meeting with a new client can leave one with interesting pointers and a new view on custom magazines. During my meetings with directors or CXOs, I explain new strategies that could help their companies with respect to their specific markets. At times, I know I’m not going anywhere with the meeting. They’ve made up their mind already. It’s easy to sense the negative vibe that’s filled the room.

For a comparative explanation, I tell them about a few other companies in their line of work who have started profitable in-house publications and how it has benefitted those companies.

During one such meeting with a new company, I told the head of this particular company about another company that had a publication. This person shot back at me and said, “That company is minting money, that’s why they have a magazine!”

Do you see the fine print here? It means that everyone assumes you’re printing a publication because “your company has a lot of money”! Isn’t that beautiful? Sometimes, we can’t see the obvious answer even if it’s stark naked doing the hula right in front of us! So by having a good in-house publication, people assume that your company is growing in leaps and bounds. They assume that this publication is a luxury that you can afford to give your customers because you have a lot of money to spare, which also means that you are willing to go the extra mile for your customer and potential customer.

This just shows that companies that publish their own in-house magazine are perceived to be well-established, and customer-focussed. It’s an intuitive perception that works wonders for any company.

Leaving the perceptions aside, a custom magazine has several excellent tricks in its pages. A company can use it in different ways to improve loyalty, or obtain more customers, while at the same time improving its brand recall, brand loyalty, and the number of people who become evangelists for the company on their own. Get in touch with me, so I can help you understand the different ways by which a custom publication can make a big difference to your company and its image.

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