How does the concept of Custom Publishing work, and why is it so effective? Understand the Concept of Custom Publishing in this post.

How does Custom Publishing Work? Understanding Custom Publications

Custom Publishing is a simple concept, and one that’s been very effective for several companies in recent years, although it is a very modern entrant in the world of print media and print advertising. Unlike traditional print advertising where companies advertise their products and services in leading magazines, custom publishing takes a different approach to the same concept. Using custom publishing, companies start their own inhouse magazines instead of advertising in other companies’ magazines.

It may sound absurd to many, but this concept is one that definitely works. Many prospective clients of mine have asked me the same question, why should they start a magazine and enter the competitive field of print media when it’s so much easier to just advertise and forget all about it? It’s a great question, no doubt, but custom publishing also has a great answer.

When you advertise your product in another company’s magazine, there are a lot of disadvantages when it comes to branding. You can read this post on The Benefits of Custom Publishing over Traditional Print Media to understand all about that. The biggest disadvantage is the regular expense which cannot be reduced at any point of time. Still doesn’t seem relevant?

Let’s use an example here, if you had to travel 50 miles to and fro work every day, and you use a taxi cab every day, would you consider investing in a car so you can drive to work every day? I mean, it is a better option, isn’t it? If you have your own car, you can drive through the routes you want, make your pit stops wherever you want, you have your own mode of trustworthy transport and there will be no external factors like cab strikes or errant drivers that would ever affect you.

Now there are obviously many more reasons, and using a simple example like a car and a cab, you can understand the benefits of having your own car over a taxi cab. Now why should advertising really be any different? After all, you do have to spend every single month to increase awareness and improve branding. So isn’t that just like the same thing?

Comparisons can make us see things in a different way. But understanding it and using it well makes all the difference. Now I’m not saying Custom Publishing is the best thing that has ever happened to advertising. Instead, what I really am saying is that it is a great means to advertise and promote your company and brand as long as it works for you.

There are many means to advertise, but for almost all brands, there is one specific medium that literally kicks ass! I’ve written a post earlier, Is Custom Publishing the Best Medium to Advertise your Brand? That may help you decide if Custom Publishing can really help you better than other mediums.

Custom Publishing is a relatively newer concept of print advertising and may take time to trickle down to the masses, though it is extensively being used by leading brands across the world. But if you do want to brand your company well, and want to know more about custom publishing and how you can use it to brand your company in a better and more efficient manner than most advertising mediums, who you gonna call?

I’ll leave that thought to you, and ahem, my contact information too!

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