How to start a magazine, and run it successfully? In this complete Guide to Starting a Magazine, I will tell you everything you need to know and understand, to start a magazine and run it successfully all by yourself.

Beginners Guide to Starting your Own Magazine. Confetti Magazine

Let’s face it, we’ve all wanted to write a book or start a magazine at some point in our lives. If you haven’t experienced that epiphany yet, don’t worry, you’ve still got a lot of time to mull over it. Getting to the point, starting a magazine isn’t easy. In fact, it’s actually one of the most difficult things you could ever do on a professional level. You may have had a conversation with your friends about launching a magazine, and soon enough, you may be convinced that you were born to launch a magazine. That’s all great. I’m happy for you. Now, I will not tell you not to start a magazine. If you really are determined, I know you probably wouldn’t care even if I told you not to start one. So before we go any further into this, I’ll tell you this. Go ahead, start a magazine! I’ll even help you along the way if you need the help.

Several years ago, when I was still just into my twenties, my friend and I started our first magazine too. People all around told us it we wouldn’t be able to make it. Well, you know people! Today, I’m happy I didn’t listen to all those naysayers.

Over the years, I have started several successful magazines, and partnered with innumerable organisations as their custom media partner, and let me tell you this, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze. I hope I’ve motivated you enough to now talk about the real truth and business of starting a magazine. Buckle up, and “gird your loins”. We’re going in deep.

Let me start with a few key facts about launching a magazine for your benefit. Every single day, hundreds of people start a new magazine across the world. Read the statistics in your own country, and you’ll be shocked to see the number of new magazine titles that are out on stands every single month. But the bitter truth is that not all of these enthusiastic magazines survive. On an average across the world, of every 100 magazines that are launched by a new publishing house, less than 30 magazine titles survive the first six months, and less than 10 magazine titles get past a year. And only 2 magazines get past a year and a half, and finally just one magazine survives the two year figure.

Truth hurts, and what hurts even more is the hole-riddled bucket of funds that a new magazine can drain out of you. So the bitter truth is that of every hundred magazines that are launched, just one magazine actually survives a two year period. Now when I say survive, I don’t mean the magazine makes enough money to buy swanky cars and mansions for yourself, I literally mean “survive”. Making hundreds of thousands of dollars is another topic entirely. But on a positive note, a few of these newly launched magazines do make a lot of money, so you still have a fighting chance.

I didn’t really have any intention of writing this post, but I received a mail from an enthusiastic entrepreneur a few days ago, and he wanted to start a magazine. She seemed extremely eager and was completely certain that publishing magazines was her life’s calling. But unfortunately though, she knew nothing about magazines and she knew nothing about the business end of the glossy pages filled with fashionably skimpy women and puffy pouts. She told me that she had been googling for information, but she just wasn’t getting enough, and she was understanding even less. It seemed like no one really wanted to share any trade secrets! But any media person would be able to help you understand the nitty gritties of launching a magazine. The logic is simple, the execution is excruciatingly difficult. After all, starting a magazine is a simple mix of business strategies and creativity. Get it right, and heck, you’ve got the money. Get it wrong, and you’ll wish you never would have entered this business.

Moving on, let’s get one fact straight, running a magazine isn’t easy. And you can write this pointer down because most people have a tendency of forgetting it. And running a magazine is expensive business. Period.

In fact, starting a magazine is one of the most expensive businesses you could ever step into. It’s rich, and unfortunately, you are not going to even smell money for quite a while, maybe even a year or two!  But then again, I’ve been there and done that. Successfully. So don’t sweat your pants just yet. There’s a lot of good in starting a magazine, and there are just as many difficulties involved in the running of a magazine. So if you indeed are still convinced that you can launch that lone successful magazine that can survive the odds of a 1 in 100, then go right ahead and click the link I’ve provided below, to read the second part of this series.

How to start a magazine? Understanding the Requirements of Starting a Magazine

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