A Basic Estimate of Custom Publishing Expenses

Most companies want to know how much a custom publication costs, even before they give a thought about its advantages, or how it can help their company. It’s a shot in the dark, but I’ve come to acknowledge this question in the very first meeting with most new clients. And here too, I’m going to keep it straight and simple, as I have in all my other posts.

Simply put, WSYISYG. What You See Is What You Get. What do you want from the magazine? And that’s how much it will cost you. Additionally, what do you want to do, other than the magazine, to see the results? Sometimes, my clients want surveys conducted along with periodical feedback on different grounds. A few others want specific pages with unique content to be inserted for specific audiences. Some others want the magazines to be distributed in specific areas or at events where it would be most profitable for them. Almost all of them want me to create a self-sustaining environment by establishing teams to generate revenues for the magazine.

But if we’re speaking about a simple production cost only, it would be easier to explain it. To companies outside of India, most of these prices can seem ridiculous, but well, that’s why we have outsourcing, don’t we?!

Production of magazines, at least at Confetti Media, varies based on the photographic elements, the content and its requirements, etc., and etc. The number of pages too plays a crucial part in the estimation of the cost of magazine production.

But all publishing activities are based on the client’s specific requirements, so if your company would be interested in a publication, just ask. It only takes a conversation to find out how your company can make a difference.

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