What do you want your ROI to be?

If your company wants to start an in-house publication, that’s a definite start to a better future. But then what do you do with it? And most importantly, how do you determine the return on investment in the publication?

The best way to judge the return on investment would be to divide them into different requirements of your particular company, and how it can help achieve your goals.

Increase in Market Share

A custom magazine is a great medium to improve the market share of a company, especially if it provides services in a competitive environment, where there are several other players operating within the same environment.

E.g. Hospitals, Supermarkets, Restaurants.

Increased Customer Loyalty

For companies operating in environments where all competitors offer commodities of values that are more or less similar, a custom magazine can play a very crucial part in subconsciously increasing customers’ loyalty towards a company.

E.g. Cellular Companies, Airline Services.

Creation of New Customers

A lot of companies depend on word of mouth. When you head out on a vacation, you’d prefer to stay at a place where a friend had previously stayed in and had a pleasant time. Similarly, having a company publication that can be taken home by a customer can add a big bonus to companies that depend on word of mouth, especially if the magazine makes for a great looking souvenir.

E.g. Hotels, Travel Agencies, Holiday Makers.

Increased Revenues based on Sales

People don’t like receiving annoying mailers or pamphlets in their newspapers. But if a company has commodities that are mostly based on point-of-purchase, the company has no choice but to find a good spot under a potential customer’s fridge magnet. In such cases, a publication can actually make for a classier read that would be better appreciated by a customer. And customers don’t overlook initiatives taken by a customer-focussed company.

E.g. Supermarkets, Malls, Food Chains.

Higher Brand Recollection

In a world filled to the brim with brands, and with new brands coming into our lives every day, a company can find it hard-pressed to ensure brand recollection. But a customer-focussed lifestyle publication can ensure all that and more, especially if the customer brings a friend along, and thanks the company representative for a great magazine!

E.g. Designer Labels, Apparel, Spas, Salons.

Increased Evangelism and Goodwill

This is got to be the best thing that a custom publication can do for any company. Get its customers talking for the company! It’s like a reality show. When you watch your favourite contestant on the television, and feel connected by some unknown bond, chances are you’re going to vote for them. You may even blog about them, and tell your friends about how nice this contestant is. That’s evangelism for you. Voters did that. Ordinary people did that. Guy Kawasaki did that. With a specially planned publication, so can you!

E.g. Hotels, Resorts, Health Chains.


There are several other aspects that may be specific to certain companies based on which the Return On Investment can be calculated. Summarising the concept of ROI though, every company can find their own unique means to ensure that their investment can make a significant ROI when it comes to Custom Publications.

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